Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A New Years Resolution- 8 Months Late....

Well, Ive been talking about doing this for long enough, so here it goes.
I wanted to do a blog more for my own sake of organizing all of my thoughts and saving them somewhere that I could go back to.  It took me a while to finally do this mainly because I couldn't come up with a name that seemed to fit what I wanted to share; that is until Finn came along.  Carl and I have been talking about getting a dog for a long time and finally decided to pull the trigger back in June.  Now we have a 50 lb red coated golden retriever who is both the best and biggest pain in my a**. 

Since i've been bookmarking blogs for such a lot time now (the majority of which I have no idea who the person is, or how i even found them- kind of creepy) I figured why not repost things I have found and even add some things of my own.  If no one follows then at least all of my stuff is in one place, if someone happens to...great!!

If you are still reading at this point....Welcome!

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