Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Many the Miles

Wheww!  I'm not sure I have ever traveled so much in a 2 week span in my entire life.  

I started my Christmas vacation with a 6 hour drive to Kentucky with Carl's family

We then drove up to Cincinnati Christmas Eve for a Bengals game

Then Tuesday after Christmas we hauled it back to North Carolina to celebrate Christmas with my family.

Wednesday I went into work only to make a last minute decision to head to Florida right after I got off and drive another 12 hours

This was Finn's first time at the beach and obsessed is an under statement.  He spent every day chasing anything we would throw in the water, attempting to find new friends, and making sand angels.

We spent New Years on the beach with sparklers watching fireworks.  The weather was close to 80 and sunny every day we were there.  Needless to say coming home to temperatures in the 30s was not what I had in mind!

Now its back to regular work days and hopefully sticking to some of my resolutions.  

Happy 2012!

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