Monday, November 7, 2011

I should have never blogged about relaxing...

I am almost positive I jinxed myself.  Ever since I hit send on that stupid post I have been ridiculously busy.  

Today was the mother of all Mondays.  

I worked 9.5 hours straight trying to get things done before Charleston this weekend only to come home to find out Finn had NO sympathy for my long day.

He decided to take it upon himself to drop off a big ole shadoobie right on the sidewalk for which I had to clean up.  Being the bigger person I still decided to make him homemade dog treats as a surprise.  He promptly spit them out and is still deciding whether they are edible or not.

Then I open up the dryer to find Carl left me a nice little surprise.

For everyones sake (and safety) I am pretending like daylight savings never happened and am calling it a night.

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